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Explore the Timucuan Trail State & National Parks  
Alamacani to Kingsley Plantation

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Length: 4 miles (roundtrip)

Put in/take out: Alamacani Boat Ramp.
From Jacksonville –North on I-95 to SR 9A and exit to Heckscher Drive/SR 105. Follow northbound signs for Heckscher Drive (actual direction is easterly) and drive past Huguenot Park. Approximately ½ mile past the park, exit to right at the sign for the boat ramp before crossing the bridge.
From Amelia Island - South on A1A past Amelia Island Plantation toward Jacksonville, over Nassau Sound bridge, past Big and Little Talbot Island State Parks, over next bridge, go 2/10 mile and turn right at jug handle U-turn, head back towards bridge, exit right at boat ramp sign before bridge. No fee. Launch area is a sand/shell beach. Portable toilets, picnic shelter/grill, no water, no phone.

: Paddle north on Ft George River, at 1 mile river turns west (left). Continue 1 more mile to Kingsley Plantation, on south bank. Kayak beach is before the wooden bulkhead that is directly in front of the Plantation. This beach is the only place without oyster beds. Walk approximately 250 feet along shoreline to the Plantation house. Return by same route.

Ride the tide
: plan trip with high tide mid-trip– start the trip on an incoming tide, near the top of the tide. After spending an hour or so at the Plantation, use the outgoing tide (after the tide has started to fall) to return to Alimacani boat ramp.

Highlights: Historic sites of Kingsley Plantation and Ribault Club. The Ribault Club is ½ mile from launch on the west bank. The Ribault Club is several hundred feet away from the shoreline, but you will catch glimpses of a large white building adjacent to a small cove on the western shoreline. There is a sand boat ramp here for access. Pelicans, egrets and herons are frequently in the small cove next to the boat ramp and migratory shore birds are seen on the sandbars just north of there. There are many sandy beaches on the eastern shoreline of the Ft. George River that are great for swimming. Numerous sand bars along this route also add lots of places to stretch and swim.

Trail Extension: From Kingsley, continue west toward Sister’s Creek, which is also the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), and at the junction with the ICW turn south into Garden Creek. Another opportunity is Mud River which is across the Ft. George River from Kingsley, but it is not accessible at low tide.